Le Déli 440 - Déli du Marché 440 - Laval Restaurant
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Best Smoked Meat in Town Since 1990

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Setting a new bar for Delicatessen Lovers

Craving some mouth-watering smoked meat? Look no further! Le Déli 440 has been serving up delicious deli classics since 1990. Located in the Marché Public 440 taste the tradition for yourself!

Le Deli 440 - Marche Public 440 Laval
Good Vibes & Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Come enjoy generous portions of mouth-watering traditional delicatessen food, surrounded by a warm and welcome family-friendly atmosphere!

Le Deli 440 - Team1
Le Deli 440 - Montreal Smoked Meat
The Place To Be Since 1990

Whether you like your smoked meat lean, extra lean, medium, medium-fat or fatty, we’ve been hand-slicing our infamous smoked meat to suit your preference. Better yet? Order it by the pound!

Le Deli 440 - Food Truck - Private Events, Birthdays and More
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Craving the best smoked meat in town? Allow us to bring you all your favorite deli-cacies right to your doorstep.

Call (514) 299-4911 to book your events, office parties, birthdays, holidays for lunch or supper!

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At Le Déli 440, the “smoked meat” is a must. We offer several varieties of juicy meat smoked to perfection, ranging from lean to fat to suit your tastes and you can even buy it by the pound. That’s not all! Other delights are available to your tastes, breakfast,  salads and delicious hamburgers, subs and sandwiches.

Smoked Meat Sandwich - 10.25

Classic Sandwich

Jumbo Smoked Meat Sandwich - 15.00

With Coleslaw

Combo Jumbo - 18.00

Coleslaw / Fries / Pickle

The Special - 15.25

Sandwich / Fries / Pickles / Drink

The Combo - 15.25

Sandwich / Fries / Coleslaw / Pickle

Platter - 18.00

Sliced Smoked Meat / Coleslaw / Fries


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Meet The Squadra

For over 30 years, Le Déli 440 has taken immense pride in our food quality and generous portions, paired with our family atmosphere. Our success wouldn’t be possible without our amazing team and all of your support!

Le Deli 440 - Team
Le Deli 440 - Our History

client love

Le Déli 440 - Déli du Marché 440 - Laval Restaurant
We passed by mistake but found a hidden gem! The place was full, the team is amazing friendly and full of professionalism The food was literally WAW with logical prices It’s the everyday place to eat Highly recommended if you are in Laval and looking for descent smoke meet sandwich of any sandwiches Bonne appétit !!!
Le Déli 440 - Déli du Marché 440 - Laval Restaurant
Frank and his father Nick always serve a very generous portion of Montreal's BEST Smoked Meat. The atmosphere is friendly and the waitresses are very kind and cute. What do you expect from a Restaurant owner who's been in the business since 1964! Lachez Pas
Le Déli 440 - Déli du Marché 440 - Laval Restaurant
The 440 deli food truck took care of our wedding dinner. Frank and his team served 120 guests quickly and with boundless energy. All the guests were delighted with the service and the quality of the food. Price more than reasonable and Frank with his professionalism took a lot of stress out of our unforgettable day.

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